‘Warren Park residents are not forthcoming’ – MP Mudzuri

By Nyasha Ngonidzashe Mukapiko

The legislator for Warren Park constituency Honorable Elias Mudzuri has bemoaned the fact that youths in his area of jurisdiction are not forthcoming, shying away when it comes to issues of development.
Mudzuri echoed the sentiments about a month ago while delivering his speech at Warren Park satellite clinic during the hand-over of 3 boreholes from the church of Latter day saints.
“I’m always on the ground in my constituency to meet with residents and also familiarize with problems they are facing but they are not forthcoming. One of these days when I was walking along the streets of Warren Park some youths even likened me to Chombo who is the Minister of Home Affairs, I don’t know if I look like Chombo or maybe it is because of my grey hair?” Hon Mudzuri queried.
Hon Mudzuri who once held the position as the Mayor of Harare from April 2002 to the same month of 2003 further went on to say his office was open to every resident of his constituency citing that the youth were the leaders of tomorrow hence the need for engagement and imparting of skills.
The erstwhile Harare Mayor also highlighted that most youth lacked knowledge of the difference between a Member of Parliament and the ward councilor in-terms of duties, however he likened the roles of a councilor to those of a village headman or ‘sabhuku’. While the role of an MP is to take complaints from the councilor for debate in the August house.
Otilia Diego a youth from ward 15, Warren Park constituency however had this to say,
“We are facing so many obstacles that we want to discuss with our legislator but he is hard to come by, some youths in this constituency don’t even know his face let alone his name, these people are only visible during the election period when they will be seeking audience”, Otilia lamented.

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