We are coming for you Mnangagwa: MDC Youths

MDC Youth Assembly has warned that the dwindling economic crisis will push people onto the streets to register their agony over  President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ‘failed’ administration.

Addressing MDC supporters who gathered in Highfield for the commemorations of the Day of the African Child, various speakers who took to the stage took a swipe at the Zanu PF led government.

“If  Mnangagwa fails to reform, we are going to reform him. we have always told Mnangagwa that we have suffered for long. We know that they are going to intimidate and threaten to arrest us but let me give you this advice, you should arrest poverty, not the people,” said MDC Youth leader Obey Sithole.

He added that they will not be moved by threats: “We are definitely unmoved by such threats. We will not betray the people of Zimbabwe; we shall continue pursuing our path to power until freedom comes.”

Watch Video: MDC Youth Assembly Commemorating Day of African Child 

Sithole, challenged the government to use resources wisely.

“We are aware that the government bought ammunition to thwart demonstrations but that money should have gone towards revising the economy,” he said.

MDC Harare Province Youth Chairperson, Stanley Manyenga echoed the same sentiments above saying the time is now ripe to remove the government.

“We are gathered here so that we can be motivated by young people who demonstrated in Soweto. They were young when they stood up against a repressive regime. We are gathered here as young people experiencing the same problem faced by the young people in Soweto. Let’s also stand up and say enough is enough,” said Manyenga.

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