We don’t care about criticism; we have done the most for Zimbabwe says China

By Staff Reporter

Chinese Deputy Ambassador Zhao Baogang says he doesn’t care about criticism levelled against his country both in and outside Zimbabwe adding that China is the only country that has done the most for Zimbabwe.

Speaking during the 11th NGO Directors Summers School in Kadoma, Baogang said China is different from other countries that want to play saints yet they have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“In one way or the other we have faced some criticism, sometimes I don’t care because we are the only country that has done the most for Zimbabwe.

“We are not like those countries that put sanctions on Zimbabwe, and I also want to say that we are ordinary people we err, we make mistakes, and we want to continue being the ordinary people.

“We never want to be like some people that look to be very pure, like saints, they never make mistakes but they do nothing here in Zimbabwe, they never provide loans, they never provide assistance or they don’t have big projects here.

“Why I don’t care is because some of them tell a lot of lies, they make accusations against Africa, against Zimbabwe and against China, they are lies they are making lies they are liars,” he said.

Turning to the issue of looting of resources by investors, the deputy ambassador said the onus is on the inviting country to sign win-win agreements and contracts with investors adding that China has been successful because of good contracts.

“Why China has made great achievement it’s because we embrace the world, we have opened to the outside world, just as Zimbabwe is doing now, we embrace the world, we invited investors to come and we have very good cooperation with them but we never accuse them of being looters.

“I invite you to my house, I invite you to my farm to invest and if I still accuse you of being looters then it is my problem.

“We have very good contracts, we have very good agreements with them so it is our responsibility to ensure that both sides can have win-win cooperation,” he said.

Chinese investors are among those that are accused of looting diamonds in Chiadzwa a few years ago.

Baogang added that investors in China are treated as important guests, enjoy a super-national treatment and enjoy a long tax holiday.

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Daniel Chigundu

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