"We don’t want to be involved in politics"

By Nyasha Ngonidzashe Mukapiko

Youths from Mbare expressed ignorance over who represents them in Parliament indicating that time was scarce for them to find out as most of their time is spent trying to make ends meet.
“We don’t want to be involved in politics and spend our time looking for the MP whilst others are busy looking for money, we are used to hustling, most of the children here are conscious of how to look for money from a very tender age.” Taurai Gwapedza said.
Though I had asked him if their legislator made time to meet people who had voted him into power the young man’s sentiments clearly revealed that there was a misunderstanding of the roles of an MP.
Another youth, Lizzy Kutyauripo, said they did not care who their legislator was citing that many youth related projects were implemented based on political grounds.
Meanwhile, many youths have since lost trust in MPs who represent them as most of the promises which were made during the pre-election period are yet to be honored. Tendai Savanhu is the incumbent legislator for Mbare despite having been expelled from ZANU-PF in 2005 due to factional fights.
Mbare suburb is dominated by ZANU-PF bona-fides, however the youth complained about how some who were not affiliated with the ruling party were being sidelined.
The old suburb is the hub of home industries having the largest ready market for horticultural produce where many farmers from areas such as Domboshava, Murehwa, Mutoko among others sell their produce. Within the same suburb a large flea market thrives, trading in second hand goods and the suburb is home to the largest old bus rank with operators plotting different routes around the country.
Youths complained about the rate at which many children were dropping out of school due to lack of parental guidance in the event of a parent passing on. Having been established in 1907, Mbare is one of the oldest suburbs in Harare, it is now defined by the dilapidation of buildings, the hustling of traders and an infamous association with aggressive ZANU-PF activists.
It is a sign of the times when interest in politics is deemed futile.

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