We have not sacked Mudzuri: MDC

By Daniel Chigundu

MDC says stories circulating on social media that the party has sucked one of its vice presidents Elias Mudzuri is false and a non-event.

Mudzuri yesterday attended a parliament function at State House which was being presided over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not recognised by the MDC.

MDC legislators have been boycotting events that are officiated by the President including not standing up for him during a budget presentation in the National Assembly.

The former Harare Mayor was the only MDC legislator at the function and later on a video circulated of him being quizzed by Murisi Zwizwai at the Rainbow Towers Hotel.

In a statement, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the party has the messages circulating is false.

“The MDC informs the media and the public that a story circulating on social media pertaining expulsion of Vice President Eng. Elias Mudzuri is false.

“No party spokesperson nor any other leader of the party spoke to the said ………News and no meeting sat to discuss the conduct of any member of the MDC.

Mafume added that “the MDC is an organized Party of excellence. Issues of conduct are dealt with through laid procedures outlined in the party Constitution. Claims of an overnight meeting are therefore false.

“The MDC is focused on providing alternative policy solutions to the current political, social and economic crisis. The people of Zimbabwe are suffering, the responsibility of the party is to proffer a pathway out of the crisis and transform lives,” he said.

The MDC spokesperson said the news is meant to divert attention from what the party president Nelson Chamisa said during the Commission of Inquiry.

“These shenanigans are aimed at creating a diversion from the narrative set yesterday by the party leadership led by President Adv. Nelson Chamisa at the commission of inquiry.

“We remain focused,” he said.

Mudzuri is reportedly eyeing the party presidency at the upcoming congress and has largely been viewed to be against the presidency of Chamisa since the death of Morgan Tsvangirai in February this year.

However, another party vice president Morgan Komichi told party supporters a few weeks ago that they should reject anyone who comes seeking their support for the presidency except Chamisa.  


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