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We miss Tongesayi Mudambo: Harare North

By Loreen Tadzingwa

Residents of Harare North say they miss their former legislator Tongesayi Mudambo whom they say brought a lot of development to the constituency compared to the current legislator Allan Norman Markham.

Most of the residents who spoke to OpenParlyZW said they are yet to see any sign of development in their constituency since Honourable Markham took over in 2018.

Others even allege that the currently legislator has even failed to maintain facilities that were built by the Mudambo.

“The current MP is failing to even maintain what was done by the former one, for example, the boreholes which were drilled by the former MP are no longer working but nothing has been done to replace or repair them,” said one of the residents who refused to be named.

In an interview, Honourable Markham said it was not true that nothing is happening in the constituency in terms of development adding that his efforts are not visible to many because he is currently focusing on schools and clinics.

“I think the residents are not seeing any changes since I have been working on schools and the Polyclinic. This is so because not everyone goes to school and not everyone visits the clinic.

“I renovated the maternity clinic, placed solar geyser and tiled the place. I have managed to get desks and benches for about 800 students in various Hatcliffe and I am planning to feed the students at least once or twice per week,” he said.

Honourable Markham added that “I also started the Borrowdale Brooke Home Owners Association, water recycling and the British ground development which will benefit the whole of Harare.

“I also drilled nine boreholes in Hatcliffe though in some places we could not find water; I worked on the title deeds petition and also the issue of electricity.

“And with all this, they miss Mudambo for real? What really makes people say he was better it’s because he would do things that the residents would notice and be of help to everyone,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Tongesayi Mudambo acknowledged that he did quite a number of developments in the constituency all which were targeted at addressing challenges faced by the people.

“During my reign as MP, I did quite a number of developments and I am not bragging or saying I am better than the current MP. To begin with, the major problem which the residents of Hatcliffe were facing was the water problem so I installed electric boreholes and placed taps in Hatcliffe 1.

“When there was no electricity I had three generators which I would circulate so that people get at least enough water for domestic use and for the extensions where there is no electricity I placed the bush pumps.

Mudambo also revealed that he refurbished and tarred some roads especially those that linked to main roads in the constituency and was instrumental in the building of the Chinese School project.

The dreadlocked former legislator said “during my time I also managed to talk to the director of health to renovate the clinic which I then provided labour, tiled the clinic but unfortunately, I left before the renovation was completed, we were now working on the ceiling by then not knowing if they have completed now.”

Asked whether he would try to wrestle back the seat in the next elections, Mudambo said “the people of Harare North are the ones who gave me power, they are also the ones who removed me so if they say I should run for the seat, then I will definitely do so,” he said.

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Daniel Chigundu

Daniel Chigundu is the news editor for OpenParlyZW an online platform that covers Parliament of Zimbabwe activities using social media (Twitter and Facebook). He is currently the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Journalists Forum and a board member of Digital Communication Network.

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