We need a new generation of MPs

By Portia Sigauke
This week, l took my time to watch Parliament proceeding on ZBC TV hoping to see a lively and improved debate based on presenting issues that reflect the interest of the masses but alas our legislators had something in mind.
As Parliament went on air I must say I was disappointed from the start as there were a handful of Members of Parliament pitching up on time for Parliament business.
Traditionally Parliament sitting starts at 14:15 pm and by that time there were about 63 Members of Parliament in the house, and as usual the quorum requires at least 70 to conduct business of the house.
That was  only a confirmation that our Members of Parliament are not serious or they don’t understand their responsibilities as Parliamentarians.
As the debate started Honorable David Chapfika appeared to have fallen asleep while others were participating and we expect him to be our servant with that kind of behavior?
Surely, if we are to move forward and address challenges faced by people from different areas we need a new generation of Members of Parliament who understand the plight of their electorate and their purpose in Parliament.
Binga Member of Parliament, Prince Sibanda seemed worried about his sitting allowance allocations forgetting to raise numerous challenges faced by the his  constituency in terms of infrastructural development and lack of proper educational facilities.
He said “I’m ashamed to be called Honorable. There is nothing Honorable about being MP when I have to borrow and beg to return to my constituency because since being elected in 2013 no Member of Parliament has received sitting allowance and fuel to service their constituencies”.
Honorable Sibanda went on to fancy corrupt Ministers who he allege to have converted Government resources for their own use.
“Some Ministers were not able to loot during the looting spree, those Ministers are poor, when you look at them they look sad,” he said.
He added “only those in urban areas and those who corruptly acquired their fortune are able to do so.”
His expressions showed that he had an agenda clearly not to represent his constituencies but to taste the good life which he has not seen so far.
Could this be a case of misplaced priorities?

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