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What Temba Mliswa said in Parliament [Full text]

HON. T. MLISWA:  I rise on a point of privilege Madam Speaker.  Madam Speaker, a very good afternoon to you.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Good afternoon.

HON. MLISWA:  Madam Speaker, I rise to register my displeasure and to equally seek guidance from you as the Chair on how far Members of Parliament can go in enjoying the privileges and immunities that are there.  The reason why I am saying so is that I am under threat by Hon. Nduna after he confessed that he has killed many people – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.]  – whilst he has killed many people, he equally has threatened to kill me.  So, I want to understand whether this is how Parliament and Parliamentarians must act.  My life is under threat, not only is it under threat – [AN HON. MEMBER: Wawakatuka ndiani?] – [AN HON. MEMBER: Nyarara iwe.] – Madam Speaker, you know who is making noise, can you be firm…

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Order, order!  Have you finished Hon. Mliswa?

HON. MLISWA: Madam Speaker – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections] – Muchataura zvenyu, nenyaya dzenyu dzekudanana nevakadzi vepa Parliament – [HON. MEMBERS:  Inaudible interjections.]

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Hon. Mliswa, go ahead.  Order, Order, Hon. Mliswa, may you approach the Chair.

Hon. Mliswa approached the Chair.

HON. MLISWA: Thank you Madam Speaker.  The remarks by Hon. Nduna of killing people in a country which is under scrutiny for violence, especially allegations that there are ex-defence forces people who were in civilians who were armed who killed people. Is it not the likes of Hon. Nduna because the police and the army are exonerated – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.]

HON. NDUNA: I object. Ndichitukwa here.

HON. T. MLISWA: The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Hon.  Emmerson Mnangagwa is busy going around the world defending these issues which have caused disharmony and disunity in the country and we have an Hon. Member – the police and the army has been accused yet the answer lies in Hon. Nduna who has said that he has killed people.

Madam Speaker Ma’am, we have had a lot of people killed in this country and the state security agents have been accused, yet the answer is very clear. Itai Dzamara is one of them who went missing and we now do not know whether he was killed by Hon. Nduna or not – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.]

THE HON DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Mliswa, may you approach the Chair.

Hon. Mliswa having approached the Chair.

HON. T. MLISWA: Parliament of Zimbabwe is a sacred institution. Parliament of Zimbabwe cannot have murderers in it. It is important…

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Mliswa I have heard your concerns. May I make a ruling, please. You are now debating.

HON. T. MLISWA: I am talking about an issue which is of my concern and my family in terms of life. You have not been threatened. I have been threatened of being killed. I have been threatened of being killed by Hon. Nduna and I am worried looking at him that the danger that is on me is so much. This is not a joke. We cannot take it as a joke.  We come to Parliament to represent people and not to be threatened by people. We do not come here to be threatened by people. This is an issue you must take this seriously because it has a lot to do with the democracy of the people of Zimbabwe and freedom of association.  This is an issue that you must listen to and make a ruling in the end.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Mliswa, yesterday you were here but you did not state your case.

HON. T. MLISWA: I was not here yesterday. I can raise a point of privilege anytime.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Is it because of the cameras?

HON. T. MLISWA: I am addressing the issue of being threatened, what more do you want me to address? It cannot be sensitive. This Parliament has nothing to do with Party. We do not want you, Madam Speaker to be supporting your Party members. We might as well turn it into a ZANU PF Parliament. Listen to me I have an issue which affected me and I must discuss it. I can raise an issue of privilege anytime. There must be a Privileges Committee set up to investigate that. The evidence is there, unlike our Committee where the evidence is in the paper. The evidence is on video – Hon Nduna said it. I want a Privileges Committee set up to investigate that for the integrity of Parliament.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: May you approach the Chair.

HON. T. MLISWA: I have been approaching the Chair. You cannot whip me. You cannot keep whipping me. I have been approaching the Chair how many times Madam Speaker? Let me finish and then you can make a ruling. If you want to chuck me out, you can chuck me out but the issue will not end. I will limit myself to the issues. How many times have I been there? Our lives are under threat by that man. He is still in Parliament and you allow him to be in Parliament. He is a murderer. You kill people you do not know. Vave kukumukira manje vanhu vacho wakutaura chokwadi wega. Wazviona wave kurotomoka. Munhu haauraiwe, munhu haauraiwe. Wakupenga manje. Mari dzeZinara uchiba usingabhadhare.

Madam Speaker, you tell me the same thing when I come there that I must not talk about it. That is what you said to me. I must speak. These are serious issues. We are being threatened. He is constantly threatening anyone. Gun trotting in Chegutu, you also did the same with guns.

Hon. Nduna having stood up

Do not go away you murderer, you murderer come back, come back you murderer. You are a murderer come back. Self-confessed murderer

THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE, LEGAL AND PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS (HON. ZIYAMBI):  I think you are now losing the plot. This is no longer an honourable House.

HON. T. MLISWA: You are killing the justice system. Ndimi murikuprotector ma murderer. Ziyambi futi une Human Rights Report unonzi unofanira kuinvestigetwa iwewe – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – We are intimidated every day. I need to finish. He is a useless Minister of Justice. Shumba, you are in Human Rights Commission to be investigated on Hurungwe issues. You know that. Ndinokuregerera. You are mentioned in the Human Rights Commission Report to be investigated as Minister of Justice. You are not exemplary.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Mliswa, leave the House.

HON. T. MLISWA: Uda kuita chii? – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –  Uku kuMash West hausi kutonga, unotonga chii?Iwe wakauraya Vanhu kuHurungwe – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –You are a useless Chairman – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.]

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Leave the House!

Hon. Mliswa was escorted out of the Chamber by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, order Hon. Members. Hon. Zwizwai, may you sit down. I have heard what Hon. Mliswa said. I will study the matter and make a ruling because the issues are in the courts as we speak – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] – That is my ruling Hon. Gonese. Please, may you sit down?

HON. GONESE: Madam Speaker, I rise on a matter of privilege which affects us as Members of Parliament. As Members of Parliament Madam Speaker, we have got a situation which occurred in the presence of Parliament. That situation affects all of us and we are very concerned because of what transpired. Fortunately, even those who were not there were able to see from a video which was circulating all the events. So, we are very clear in terms of what we heard and it is important for us to be made to understand because in your ruling if I understood you correctly, you have indicated that the matter is under the courts but I believe that is a different issue Madam Speaker. What has happened is that there was a summons which was issued seeking damages for defamation. That is not the subject matter which we are talking about. The subject matter which has been taken to court relates to a civil suit seeking damages. What we are concerned with is a situation where threats were made to a Member of Parliament …

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: This is why I said I am going to study the matter…

HON. GONESE: We just need clarity because it appears to me that the facts seem to be clear.

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Gonese, I am aware of what transpired and I am going to study the matter and make a ruling.

HON. GONESE: The reason why we got confused Madam Speaker is, you made reference to something under the courts …

HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Please may you sit down, I am going to study the matter and make a ruling.

HON. GONESE: I am going to sit down but I just wanted you to have the import of what you are saying. Before I resume my sit Madam Speaker, I was going to suggest that a ruling be made to refer the matter to the Committee of Standing Rules and Orders. They need to study the matter because it is prima facie; it appears to be clear and my understanding is that when a matter is clear, it is referred to the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders. This is what I thought should be your course of action.

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