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What's up with the Mliswa & Kasukuwere bromance?

By Sindiso Dube
After a heated war of words between the two vibrant politicians, Norton Member of Parliament Themba Mliswa and Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, one would have been left thinking that the two politicians would never see eye to eye nor share a roof except the August house’s roof.
The run up to the Norton by elections saw Mliswa and Kasukuwere engaging in  war of words and Mliswa’s win in Norton could have been a bitter pill to swallow for ‘Tyson’ as Kasukuwere, the Zanu PF national commissioner  is affectionately known.
Kasukuwere stated that Mliswa is a problem child who does not respect his elders and mother and sometimes turns violent against his mother.
The Minister also claimed Mliswa had fathered 28 children with 28 different mothers.
Mliswa hit back stating that he had turned down Kasukuwere’s love proposal during the time they worked together before trying to fondle him in a sexually unsuitable manner against his will.
At a press conference in Harare before the Norton by Elections, Mliswa revealed that Kasukuwere is a homosexual and part of the infamous ‘gay gangsters’, and that he had grabbed his buttocks. The Norton legislator facetiously said even if he was homosexual Kasukuwere would not be an option as he was not “sexually appealing” to him.
Last week pictures of the two public known enemies together at Kasukuwere’s offices surfaced on social media, the picture didn’t show any signs of detestation or tautness between the two.
Social media commentators and analysts described the pictures as ‘cosy’, ‘romantic’ considering the fact that the two have once dragged homosexual daggers against each other.

Many accused the two for playing a political gimmick labeling a ‘pretend reformist’ who had the oppositions, civil society organisations and the citizens hoodwinked as he is making his way back to Zanu PF.
Minister Kasukuwere explained that their meeting was to resolve the Kingsdale Housing saga, and to deal with problems the Norton Constituency is facing, however many dismissed ‘Tyson’s’ statement, likening it to the war veteran’s gimmick.
Mliswa defended his visit saying he doesn’t report to social media but to his constituency call.
‘I don’t report to social media groups, I am an MP who must deliver, 700 pro Zanu PF households were set to be evicted from Kingsdale housing scheme, simply because Zanu PF lost the Norton by election, so should I fold my hands and watch them evicted?, Tyson is the responsible Minister and I had to seek audience with him and resolve this and must say, he was professional,” said Mliswa.
The Member of Parliament also vowed to meet more Zanu PF members throughout his tenure as a legislator.
“Please don’t use me in some of your fights, I will be meeting Oppah Muchinguri about the water situation, what will people say about it. If I can meet ED (Emmerson Mnangangwa) on government business why not even Mugabe. People must not be shallow and quite sad to think about it, I am not the one who appointed G40 leaders, I work for the people of Norton and they are over the moon about my intervention as MP, all these are my votes come 2018 if I decide to stand as MP in Norton,” said Mliswa.
However a closer look into Mliswa’s work so far he seem to be a more on the ground MP than many of his counterparts who leave their people to suffer and only resurface in time for the next election.

Mliswa has set aside his differences with Kasukuwere, that’s if they are any to solve the problems befalling his people in Norton, he seem to be determined to do more for the people, obviously he will stick to the people since its only two years to the next election, if he manage to maintain the hegemony he is guaranteed the people’s votes come 2018, that’s if he decides to stand or he will pass the baton to one of his youthful YARD member.
Mliswa has shown that he believes in engagement first before working a way forward regardless of the differences with the people you are working with, the firebrand politician understands that he is a servant leader in Norton and to make his constituency a better people he has to engage with his ‘rivals’.
To those in political parties and who become involved in campaigns must first contemplate about the future of our communities, state and nation, discarding that winning at all costs is the only thing indispensable in politics.

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