When MDC-T and ZANU PF demolish your homes who do you turn to?

By Portia Sigauke

Over the past nine or so months the media has been awash with news of the on-going housing demolitions that are happening in Harare.
More than 40,000 families have been left homeless as the MDC-T run Harare City Council has moved a gear up to ‘restore order’ in areas where home seekers have moved in building illegal structures.
As they bear the brunt of homelessness and poverty as most of them have lost their property in the clean-up exercise one can only imagine the pain and feel for the affected. Seeing big houses being razed down as the owner wails uncontrollably tells a sad story of how cruel election promises can be.
Most people had sacrificed their hard earned money mainly generated from vending, farming and doing odd jobs in town. But where are the legislators who were implicated in these scandals? What is the law going to do to the culprit involved in conning these desperate home seekers?
It is an open secret that prior to the July 31 2013 election campaigns most people were encouraged to vote for ZANU PF legislators promising people cheap and affordable housing units. Many people bought the promises and voted for the ZANU PF legislators who by that time allocated them stands on illegal land only to discover after a year that it was just a deception for them to win elections which they did.
Now that the City Council is taking rigorous action l haven’t seen any MP that has come out in defence of his electorate neither to console them or approaching humanitarian organisations for temporary shelter. Do legislators understand the role they need to play in their constituencies? Clearly for now it seems they need to be educated as to their roles as they are meant to serve and act on behalf of their electorate.
2018 is around the corner and what options do we have…who do we turn to when it seems the leading political parties are not concerned with the struggles of the people they are supposed to serve?

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