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Why Chieftainship wrangle is sparking war in Zhombe

By Watmore Makokoba
There is a fierce war of words and swords in Samambwa, Zhombe following a chieftainship wrangle between Samuel Samambwa and David Samambwa with the latter instigating violence to his brother after he had been erroneously installed and later stripped of the chieftainship.
Samuel Samambwa who is younger than David is influencing villagers  to reject and denounce the newly appointed Chief whose reinstatement has been done above board after it came to light that Samuel had fraudulently grandstanded to be the Chief heir after the death of the serving Chief, Peter Samambwa.
“Chief David Samambwa said he is perplexed that after several years of a smooth flow of the chieftainship transition according to tradition and the law, someone cannot be mature that he had fraudulently wrestled what is not his and the President himself had to restore order but goes ahead unashamedly to fan violence and influence people to defy even the President’s authority,
“The Samambwa Chieftainship has never been complicated as it has from time immemorial been administered smoothly and according to our culture,
“From our fore fathers, the Chieftainship has been inherited following lineage and according to age. It surprised us when we discovered that Samuel brushed aside that tradition and fraudulently manoeuvred his way through until he was wrongly installed Chief,
“As a family, we sat down since we deliberated that our brother has become erstwhile and we are also surprised that even other people who are not part of our family members are meddling in this issue,
“Ironically like what Samuel is doing, no one fought him or influenced any one to be violent, but we engaged relevant authorities using proper legal channels until the error was rectified,
“Right now Samuel and his accomplices are accusing us of being gamatox, and you wonder where it is coming from, our culture plays an integral part in the chieftainship in our country,
“This is unheard of to see young people ridiculing an elder Chief, these people are actually disrespecting even the office of the President who has installed me Chief”
Samuel and David were born in the same year, however, David was born in January and Samuel in March.
Samuel Samambwa is alleged to be working in cahoots with Zanu Pf District Chairman Calisto Chekesa Ward councillor Earnest Madharani, Ford Chekesa to mobilise people in the area to decamping Chief David Samambwa in favour of Samuel.
“The councillor knows that David Samambwa is the rightful serving Chief, but when he convenes meetings he does not notify the Chief and discourages people from attending telling people that David is not Chief and that the real Chief was going to come”
Villagers who live in the area expressed dismay at the manner in which this issue has taken away peace in the village.
“We are fearing for our lives, our children and women are no longer free to move freely as these people are unleashing reign of terror to anyone who attends a meeting called by the Chief,
“We are appealing to authorities to see to it that these people are stopped because, with the coming elections, it is most likely to spill into bloody violence as they are already using the Zanu Pf party into the chieftainship affairs”, said villager who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Village elders have also blamed the Minister of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage minister Abednego Ncube, who since the correction of the anomaly, the Chief has only been served with an appointment letter from the President, but he (the minister has not yet formally installed the Chief.
“We think the responsible minister has a part to blame for the confusion, it’s now over a year when the President has resolved the matter and proper documentation served, he has not yet officially installed the Chief and he is not benefiting from any government incentives like other Chiefs,
“President has already finished his job and we wonder why the Minister is undermining the Authority of the President”.
So far about six people have been reported to the police after moving about beating people for supporting the rightful Chief and they have been fined at Empress Police station.
According to the Zimbabwean Constitution chapter (1110 which deals with Chiefs and Councils of the President is stated as the appointer and it is required that all the customary principles of tribes be diligently followed.
“There shall be Chiefs to preside over the tribes’ people in Zimbabwe who shall, subject to the provisions of subsection, be appointed by the President in accordance with an Act of Parliament,
“An Act of Parliament shall provide that in appointing a Chief the President shall give due consideration to the customary principles of succession of the tribe’s people over which the Chief will preside and may provide for the appointment of deputy Chiefs and acting Chiefs”

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