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Ximex dealers are innocent: MDC-T

By Buhle Tshavango
MDC-T has rubbished claims that violent attacks which occurred at their party headquarters (Harvest House) were caused by Ximex Mall dealers as earlier suggested, adding that investigations pinpoint to rowdy Zanu PF youths.
These revelations follow closely in the heels of a statement released by Zanu PF Harare province youth chairman Godwin Gomwe stating that his personal investigation had revealed that the fracas had been between Ximex Mall dealers and MDC youths whom he said are in the habit of looting wares from the dealers using the Harvest House as their hideout.
In a statement, MDC Harare Province Youth Assembly said Ximex Mall dealers would not dare to attack 44 Nelson Mandela ‘for obvious reasons’.

“We have just concluded a successful meeting with Ximex Mall dealers in the presence of ZRP today in a bid to figure the surroundings on the attack, lasting solution and obviously identify the culprits who attacked our headquarters yesterday.
“From our preliminary findings and discussion, we came up with the information proving that the people who attacked the MDC HQ were not the Ximex dealers but a Zanu PF thuggery club who mobilised with the sole aim of vandalising our office,” reads the statement.
The statement further claims that the youths had been bussed from Zanu PF’s Harare Provincial office situated along Fourth Street Harare and from Budiriro.
The Morgan Tsvangirai led party has since set up thematic committees to identify and apprehend the suspects.
“The committees will also be tasked with identifying the suspected criminals operating within the vicinity of MDC HQ mainly along Nelson Mandela, Angwa, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, First St and George Silundika, with some mobilised at the back of TV Home and Sales in carrying out this barbaric act,”.
Meanwhile, MDC has warned Zanu PF youths that they must not assume they have a monopoly over violence or try to take advantage of MDC-T’s belief in democratic principles and values.
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