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Zanu PF gears up for 2018 elections

By Nkanyiso Ncube
Zimbabwe’s cash crisis has not stopped President Robert Mugabe and his ruling party Zanu Pf from spending millions on a fleet of cars. A move that critics have viewed as a distasteful as the ordinary person in the country is currently struggling to get hold of cash.
Reports that circulated on social media show that Zanu Pf had purchased Ford Fiestas, Ford Ranger trucks, and buses with an estimated of 60 million as they are gearing up for the 2018 election campaign.
If anything the purchase of the fleet indirectly confirms the majority view that while the cash crisis has descended on the nation, some people have not been affected. The statements, all animals are equal but others are more equal than others could not be truer in this case.
Zanu PF secretary for transport Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri refused to shed light on the source of the party’s money and how much the new fleet would cost.
“That is party business and I will not discuss that with the press … sorry,” she told the Daily News recently.
Former Zanu Pf member and youth leader William Mutumanje widely known as Acie Lumumba recently released a video on social media reflecting on elections. In the video, he mentioned some of the companies that bankroll the party’s operations.
“my fellow generation, my fellow countrymen elections are also expensive, Zanu Pf is heavily funded by some of the biggest companies in the country such as Puma oil, Sakunda, Hwange Colliery, The Miekles group, Inscor and a lot of other corporates who are currently benefiting from keeping Zanu Pf in power”, he said.
The ruling party is currently gearing up for the 2018 elections.
Last week, Kuwadzana Member of Parliament (MP) Betty Nhambu Kaseke gave away residential stands to youths and war veterans.
Speaking at the handover ceremony last week Kaseke said, “I know most people, especially from the opposition who did not benefit from this gesture, will criticise what l am doing. As you all know, this is not the first time l have given something to my electorate and this is not the first time l have visited them since elected as a Member of Parliament”.
“I live, eat with them and l know all the challenges they are facing here. I will always do this, continue to motivate my people and there is nothing wrong with what am l doing because l want them to vote for me next year,” she declared.
The majority electorate that will have the deciding factor in 2018 will fall under the youth demography and late last year Zanu Pf gave residential stands to its youth. A move that angered the faction of war veterans who disowned President Mugabe as their Patron last year.
In the wake of all this, the opposition front is slowly preparing for the 2018 elections as they are pushing towards a grand coalition. The efforts by the opposition does not show their confidence to win the 2018 elections. Academics have suggested that opposition parties are destined for yet another defeat in the elections.

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