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Zanu PF youths launch #EDHasMyVote Campaign

By Pretty Chavango
Zanu PF Youth League has launched a campaign dubbed #EDHasMyVote in a bid to drum up support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa using social media ahead of the impending general elections.
According to statistics, about 65 percent of Zimbabwe’s population is youthful and has a huge presence on the various social media platforms such Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among many others.
Political parties have been failing to attract a huge number of these youths to their meetings owing to unappealing messages, but the trend is about to change as most political parties in the country appear to have embraced social media which has the advantage of feedback and engagement and is not by distance and bureaucracy.
However, social media platforms have also been used as battle grounds for factional wars in political parties to the extent that some people have been heavily insulted and dress down.

A good example is the current twitter war between Professor Jonathan Moyo and the Mnangagwa led Zanu PF especially after the November coup.
Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Zanu Secretary for Youth Affairs Pupurai Togarepi urged his party youths to desist from insulting people on the social media including Professor Moyo, but should instead preach the truth and defend the revolution.
“…Tell them the truth and defend the revolution, ED Mnangagwa is saying lets develop the country, others are preaching division and hate and making others dirty, but ED is saying lets develop our country together, there is no need of insulting even a member of the opposition but engage them.
“…So don’t worry because people who are insulting the leadership of Zanu PF or people of Zimbabwe in general are failures, the reason why Jonathan Moyo is on twitter insulting Zanu PF today is because he warned that one day he was going to go into Zanu PF and destroy it from within, he destroyed a few who were gullible to follow him and his machinations but Zanu PF remains standing.
“So he is a disgruntled man, sour grapes if you like so don’t worry about him, he has no influence whatsoever with what we are going to do with our country, we are worried about you as youths, your tomorrow should worry us and you should also be worried about it. You should defend it from people who preach hate, because this will delay development of this county, the economic emancipation of our people, so leave them they are failures, but go there to educate the youth,” he said.
The Zanu PF social media campaign comes at a time when President Mnangagwa recently open Facebook and Twitter accounts where he called for engagement with members of the public.
#EDHasMyVote Campaign also comes at a time when government is crafting stringent ICT laws which are reportedly meant regulate how people will use their social media platforms.
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