Zhuwao a clueless political clown misrepresenting youths

By Nkanyiso Ncube
Since he was sworn in as the Minister of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Patrick Zhuwao has never done anything that empowers the youth nor does he have time to interact with them and hear their pleas.
Youth in Zimbabwe are increasingly losing confidence in the Youth Minister Patrick Zhuwao who has so far managed to only create more confusion over the indigenisation plan that has since yield no results since its adoption in 2008.
I wonder if President Robert Mugabe’s nephew understands the need of the youth or he doesn’t understand his responsibility as the Minister which is to lessen the burden that youth have been experiencing in this bad economy.
Since his appointment a year ago the dreadlocked Minister has been busy politicking, calling for  a conference which has taken the youth agenda nowhere.
Last year Vice President Mphelekezela Mphoko launched the Localised Empowerment Accelerated Facility (LEAF) fund aimed at empowering youth and indigenous Zimbabweans through advancing loans for capital projects.
Youths who attended the launch were excited about the initiative but ten months later nothing has materialised and Zhuwao has remained mum only to shift his focus on the Zimbabwe for Youth Investment which is yet to be approved.
It still remain unclear whether the Minister of Finance and Economic development is sabotaging Zhuwao by not releasing funds as Zanu Pf in fights continue to deepen as the two belong to different ZANU PF factions.
The battle for supremacy between the two has taken the Youth Ministry to its knees with no resources to fund for youth programs. What is frustrating the Zimbabwean youths is that it is ZANU PF internal politics that is affecting their future.
Conferences, consultations and deliberation are still going on about the ZimYES investment policy but where could this policy take us if the indigenisation policy failed to work a miracle?

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