Zim Parliament too dirty – Thabitha Khumalo

By Portia Sigauke
Controversial Bulawayo East legislator and MDC-T National Deputy spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo yesterday stormed out of Parliament citing that the environment was too dirty posing a serious threat to her health.
Raising a point of order, Khumalo said Parliament was denying her her right of being an Mp by not cleaning the house whilst they knew she was asthmatic.
“I realise that this Parliament is taking other people’s health for granted.  I am sure you are aware that I am asthmatic; you are denying me my right as a Member of Parliament, elected in Bulawayo East to sit in this august House and represent the Bulawayo people,” she said claimed.
Khumalo said she was struggling to breath in Parliament and her right to good health was exposed.
“I am saying so because I am failing to breathe in this House and you are not cleaning it.  My question is, do I not have a right for my health to be protected in this House,” she questioned.
Earlier last year, the outspoken legislator was arrested and charged with indecent exposure after she removed her top to give to a female party supporter, following violent skirmishes that happened between Zanu Pf youths and MDC-T in Njube.
Khumalo, among other top party officials, stormed Njube police station over the issue, and the legislator took off her top to give to an aged women who had been undressed, but for her troubles, she was charged with indecent exposure.
In 2012, Khumalo mobilized more than 300 sex workers from Bulawayo and made them sign a petition seeking to decriminalise their work and publicly lambasted fellow legislators who refused to speak out on the rights of sex workers, dismissing them as hypocrites.
The outspoken MP said her colleagues pretended as if sex workers were non-existent whereas they sought their services frequently.
However, her efforts to have the country’s courts of law decriminalise the arrest of sex workers came to fruition in April this year with the Constitutional Courts outlawing prostitution arrests.

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