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Zimbabweans embrace bond notes – Zanu PF MPs

By Portia Sigauke
Zanu PF Mps yesterday said Zimbabweans were happy with the introduction of bond notes citing that it was government’s best thing ever done to the people.
Making a contribution during debate session, Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Uzumba, Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, claimed that through the introduction of bond notes people’s lives were changed as there are able to transact and access cash anytime.
“The issue of bond notes is a job well done by the Government.  We thank the Minister of Finance and Economic Development for so doing.  If he comes to Uzumba, I will slaughter a cow for him. Mbare Msika was no longer in business.  People did not have cash to transact with.  Our farmers are now able to transact because of the bond notes,” he said.
Mudarikwa said through bond notes his constituents were able to pay lobola.
“During Christmas time in my constituency, a lot of people paid lobola because a lot of people now have cash. Bond notes are encouraging people to pay lobola and they are ensuring that people love one another,” he said.
Zanu PF Hurungwe East MP, Sarah Mahoka, concurred with Mudarikwa claiming that bond notes had brought hope and long queues were a thing of the past.
“The people of Zimbabwe are very happy because the bond notes have helped us.  We no longer have problems if you go to the banks. The people in the communal lands are happy with the bond notes.  Well done Hon. Minister, you really realised the challenges that this country was facing.  You intervened and came up with an important note called the bond note.  The 10 provinces are happy because of the bond notes.  We went round in all the provinces and they all accepted it. ,” she said.
Bond notes were introduced late last year to avert the cash shortages bedevilling the banking sector as depositors had to spend several hours waiting for their monies.
However, they have done little as people still endure long meandering queues and has been difficult to get hard cash at any mobile transacting agencies.

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