Zimbos are too submissive to politicians: Zembe

By Daniel Chigundu

Former CBZ Holdings Limited chairman Luxon Zembe says Zimbabweans are too submissive to politicians which have prevented them from holding them to account.

Zembe said most of the country’s visions can be achieved only if people were to change the way they do things, especially how they regard politicians.

Speaking at the 8th edition of SMEs International Expo, Zembe said the President and ministers are civil servants and must be called to account.

“We can achieve that 2030 vision of a middle-income economy; it is doable, it is achievable one thing we just need to change; the way we do things. We are too submissive to politicians where we become hopeless and useless in dealing with situations.

“I am saying we should be able to hold each other to account and we should be able to say we want the President here, we want the minister here, that’s why they are called civil servants.

“The President is a civil servant and we must call them to account not just talk among ourselves alone here but when we meet and see them and when they come in front of us how we rally behind and everybody wants to do this and that to pamper them,” he said.

Politicians in Zimbabwe especially those elected Parliament or government are held in high esteem by society and are largely seen as superhumans.

Zembe added that even business leaders are guilty when they interact with politician especially those elected to positions of President and ministers.

“…even us the business leaders when we are in front of these Presidents and ministers we want to sing praises and everything and yet the bible says “criticism of a wise person is better than a song of fools,” he said.

Zimbabwe is currently going through turmoil thanks to economic measures announced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya and Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube.

The measures which were never consulted appear to be facing a lot of resistance on the already subdued economy


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