Zvorwadza plans fresh wave of protests from 18 November | #MunhuWeseMuroad

By Daniel Chigundu
National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) board chairperson Sten Zvorwadza says he is organising a demonstration that will see about 200 Zimbabweans chained together taking to the streets in Harare to express their displeasure at the status quo in the country.
Zimbabwe is experiencing arguably its worst period political, socially and economically to the extent that most banks are only allowing a daily maximum withdrawal of US$50 against US$1000 announce by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa.
The Zimbabwean government is caught between a hard place and a deep blue sea as employment costs are continuing to rise against underperforming revenue side.
Corruption has also become the order of the day in almost every sector of the economy with top government officials being implicated on a daily basis.
In a statement, Zvorwadza said the chained protestors will be demonstrating against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF’s gross economic incompetence and human rights violations.
“Zimbabwe has become a jail where all Zimbabweans are serving a sentence and we want to give an update on what we have been discussing and the next plan of action for Zimbabwe.
“November 18, 2016, we descend on the streets of Harare to pull the mother of all demos. This is not a secret. All those in the Diasporas plug in and fund this project we are pushing and pushing hard,” he said.
Zvorwadza has been protesting regularly against government corruption and bad governance in the streets of Harare and has been beaten and arrested several times.
He says the protests are in solidarity with the future generations who deserve a better country and environment than the one prevailing in Zimbabwe currently.
The NAVUZ Chairperson said every Zimbabwean has a reason to demonstrate against President Mugabe’s rule, adding that those adopting the spectator mentality are not being fair to the struggle for emancipation.
“Iwe unoda kuitirwa nani iwe wakagara chaizvo uchiokera, kuramba wakatarisa without taking action, as if you have your own bank that is giving you money, as if Mugabe is not your oppressor, as if your country is not Zimbabwe which lost US$15 billion, as if you can afford to take care of your parents or you have a job.
“We all have reasons to make us demonstrate against this regime. A seed will remain a seed as long as it does not die and get buried, be a seed that will bring about change. Iwe neni tinebasa, November 18, 2016 ngatipindei muroad,” Zvorwadza said.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police has dealt ruthlessly with demonstrators in previous protests and it remains to be seen how they will handle this one as they have been reported to the United Nation by Sten Zvorwadza.
Public demonstrations are currently banned in Zimbabwe following waves of protests that took place between February and September this year, some of which ended up turning violent while the majority was generally peaceful.
The hashtag for the demonstration is #munhuwesemuroad

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